1. Amazing how it really got the B.O. out of that shirt, huh?

  2. Batu Khan

    You really think my boobs would fit in this?!

  3. John Travolta

    Hmmm thought that was a stain on the crotch of her dress until I realized it was on my screen.

  4. Professor Xavier

    theese is what heez boner’s like. ay papi.

  5. EricLR

    Yeah, I guess it cleans okay. My maid says she likes it.

  6. “You said a Mexican touched this?”

  7. cc

    Ace is latin for Tide?

  8. The new Fran Drescher.

  9. Beer Baron

    She usually uses Suavitel.

  10. I’ve had just about enough of this shit. Somehow we need to expend whatever energy it takes to get her out of those clothes and on to some photographs! What say you, me ruffians…???

  11. Is that Van Earl Wright?

  12. “Sofia, show us your Tyra Banks impression!”

  13. tlmck

    It smells because it was washed in Mexican water.

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