1. Jack

    Where did you train? ON A FARM?!

  2. OldDirtyPants

    So underneath that huge armor as Zod he is just a 14yo skinny kid????


  3. kravdan

    Michael Shannon is Andy Dick!

  4. cc

    He looks like a character from Giles.

  5. Oh shit, Dinklage is on HGH!

  6. AJ

    Is it just me or did Peter Dinklage get taller…

  7. Has anyone seen my cheese? Hey!!

  8. If anyone goes missing, he is #1 on my suspect list.

  9. Willeeee

    He just got red carded.

  10. You expect me to kneel before this guy?

  11. tlmck

    Willem Dafoe looks like hell.

  12. renotastic

    He looks like the hyperactive kid at the sleepover that just WON’T GO TO FUCKING SLEEP!

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