1. hamtime

    …. hey! I think I found the microphone!

  2. joe

    That is one big dude.

  3. Finally, Sauron and Bilbo meet to settle this once and for all…

  4. Donald Sterling

    Frodo and Blacks are off to solve their first case!

  5. kravdan

    I’ve seen it all now, a peen personal assistant…

  6. cc

    He flagged a cab down by picking that kid up and hurling him in the street.

  7. Mark Zuckerberg looks tiny in this picture.

  8. “Wow…Mister…for a minute there I thought you where ‘Magic JOHNSON.’”

  9. You know what they say about big hands and big feet.

  10. Josephus

    In every photo like this, there is a white guy in the foreground softly sobbing.

  11. He needs to lean into the mic a bit.

  12. Diesel Mafia? Shaq is about as gangsta as that little kid standing next to him.

  13. I’m sure glad you’re not my priest.

  14. “Please, suh, I still hunger. May I have another small helping of gruel?”

  15. “Mr. Michael Clarke Duncan! I loved you in The Green Mile!”

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