1. The Magic is he’s still alive.

  2. kravdan

    Narcissistic? Of course we’re not.

  3. Donald Sterling

    Watch my dignity DISAPPEAR!!

  4. wrynoceros

    the illusion of winning…

  5. “Watch your money… vanish!”

  6. “Is this a QUARTER behind your ear? Then please, put it in my slot machine!”

  7. Hope it’s more successful than his Rape Island themed signature slot machine.

  8. Slot machines that make your money disappear are nothing new.

  9. Josephus

    The first slot machine designed to make both you AND your money disappear.

  10. David Groperfield.

  11. The jackpot line is 3 roofies.

  12. So glad his mom was there to take a pic for us.

  13. “Please play my machines so I can afford better plastic surgery.”

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