1. kravdan

    In 20 years he’ll be broke and doing a cameo in the Hangover reboot…

  2. Donald Sterling

    Giving a pimp diamonds doesn’t make him a classier pimp.

  3. Short Round

    In future news: Floyd Mayweather Jr. declared bankruptcy today. Was quoted saying: I don’t know where all that money went after I threw it out the window.

  4. cc

    Hi, some people call me Floyd, but I prefer to be called ‘Stereotype’

  5. A second later, a guy speeds by on a bike, grabs the money and yells, “Thanks, stupid!”

  6. “Ah! It’s still warm from the printer!”

  7. “If I can win just one more fight, then I can finally afford a wallet!”

  8. Pat C.

    Heads up, ho’s !!

  9. As Georg Best famously said: “I spent all my money of booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.”

  10. buzz

    A real celebrity gets to do everything he is doing but for FREE.

  11. Half Baked 2?! Looks like Dave Chappelle’s going deep for that Sir Smoke-a-Lot character this time.

  12. Watching this fucking tool piss away all his money is nothing short of hilarious. I don’t understand how these fucking morons see hundreds of others like them before them go broke and still keep doing the same shit over and over again? He is the definition of moron.

  13. BET Awards? What the fuck for?

  14. j/k

    Not pictured: The lotion store with a drive through.

  15. So many cliches packed into one picture. Pass the courvoisier.

  16. Bringbackbabalu

    Wow, you people on this site are so out of touch! I see that…you don’t have any idea how rich he is, do you? This guy makes more in a fight than MLB/NBA/NFL guys make in a career…do you not understand how rich he is? He doesn’t have to conserve his money, he is too rich.

    How is he a moron, El Jefe?

    The definition of a moron is someone with a fucking retarded name (El Jefe) who won’t admit he is jelly, so he talks shit about people on a gossip site on the internet about a World Class athlete, who trains hard as fuck to be one of the best. This isn’t MC Hammer…this guy is a brand, he will be rich even when he is done boxing…he has a brand, and a management company, and so much other shit. Be as jell as you want El Jele, you aren’t ever going to mean shit to anyone. I f you died tomorrow, no one would fucking notice or care. Go back to your pathetic life and quit talking shit, and wash the envy out of your pussy…thanks.

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