1. hamtime

    I don’t ever recall doing that with my sister …. but I guess things were different in my house.

  2. Does this mean Kellogs is changing Product 19 to Product 69?

  3. kenny

    I see lip.

  4. cc

    ‘Wow, what’s THAT?!’

  5. “Strange. By now there’d be the gentle slap of a penis against my face. What are you strange creature?”

  6. Derek does have a way with the ladies.

  7. “Oh, mercy! That cut looks pretty deep.”
    “Uh…that’s a vagina.”
    “Really? Mine looks totally different.”

  8. “My god! It’s full of stars!”

  9. Dbag

    It’s like holding a newborn for the first time, isn’t it Derek?

  10. “Milk, milk, lemonade. Flip her over, fudge is made!”

  11. Pat C.

    That’s not really the kind of thing I associate with Kellogg’s cereal .. it looks nice but I don’t really feel impelled to buy more Corn Flakes.

  12. Flatliner

    I take it the cereal is going to be of the frosted variety?

  13. Little Tongue

    Is that pubic hair? I’ am NOT licking it!

  14. spidey

    a view like that will recharge any energy bar

  15. Blob

    What *is* that?

  16. buzz

    Kellogg sure knows how to sell an energy bar.

  17. The prizes in cereal have certainly gotten better.

  18. Arlmlo Schlongfooster


  19. The blonde isn’t Julianne Hough. But she’s cuter than a speckled pup.

  20. Don’t want no Cap’n Crunch don’t want no Raisin Bran
    Don’t you know that other kids are starving in Japan
    Just eat it. Just eat it.

  21. Seen here about to throw up at the sight of a vagina.

  22. Odbarc


  23. donkeylicks

    Clearly, hanging out with K-Pop idols has changed his dance style for the better.

  24. Vlad

    Cream of Queef

  25. Ginerspotter

    Since the purveyor of this fine site consistently has difficulty identifying a vagina, I feel the need to point out that the thing seen poking out along her left leg is a labia.

  26. Nut bra

    Cornflakes box.

    That is all.

  27. “Two foot of mudflaps
    is all I could see”

  28. El Guso

    On the count of what number should we turn ?
    Oh 69…. I see

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