1. Tiger, if you think you’re getting a cab, think again.

  2. joe

    “Who wants a hooker?”

  3. cc

    ‘Who is afraid of Hope Solo?’

  4. So which one of them do you think will get the taxi?

  5. Short Round

    Is synchronized golf a thing now?

  6. kravdan

    Now wave you hands in air…

  7. Wow, the Aryan Nation must really be hurting for members!

  8. “Send five more girls, please.”

  9. canudigit

    Heil ……. oh, nevermind…..

  10. Blob

    S’okay. Oldman has us covered.

  11. Somewhere, Danny Glover is saying “I told you so!”.

  12. “Simon says raise your right hand as high as you can. Ohhh…sorry, Jason, you’re out. Simon didn’t say you could hold a pen…”

  13. Phoenix


  14. Odbarc

    Whose girlfriend is that crossing the green?

  15. “I see $500 for one night with this blonde from the gentleman in the purple shirt, do I see $600, yes, from the gentleman in the green shirt”

  16. bodhemon

    Who loves Tom Jones?

  17. Roger Danish

    Reverse angle reveals three golf carts full of porn stars on their way.

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