1. cc

    Oh Katie, don’t you know that in the current environment you have to blow that thing like their is no tomorrow.

  2. I’d take her to the Candy Shop AND let her lick the lollipop

  3. Short Round

    Always sad seeing people with so much talent not reach their full potential. She could have been so great in porn.

  4. “Under the C,
    The floor is under my C,
    Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter,
    Take it from me!”

  5. Little Tongue

    I’m a pink flamingo
    Hiding in the bush

  6. buzz

    Hell even Nicki Minaj gave up this color fueled shit.

  7. SHIT! Of course the photo is taken where we can’t even see cleavage.

  8. We live in post Miley Cyrus Bangerz tour world. Step your game up. Ride a gigantic penis, hump a paper mache cow, show some labia, these are the basics.

  9. Roger Danish

    Hottest 3 and 10 in the world (face 3, tits 10)!!!

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