1. joe

    Poor bastard. Now he’s a short, balding, overweight guy with herpes.

  2. Donald Sterling

    I’m pretty sure that’s Donnie Wahlberg in a wig.

  3. cc

    Hi Paz, I’m a huge fan, I stopped washing my hair because of you.

  4. Worst
    Before/After Photo

  5. “Cute little man, you will remember being greased on by me…FOREVER!”

  6. I thought it was a fan posing with Jack Black.

  7. buzz

    And yet the Europeans like to make fun of fat Americans.

  8. This guy is a real life 40 year old virgin and even he is going to pass on having sex with her.

  9. This guy is the first to die from what scientists call “Paz Disease”. It when all the blood in your body is replaced with grease from Paz De La Huerta.

  10. donkeylicks

    Does anyone else here kind of feel like they’re the male equivalent of Paz de la Huerta? No? …. just me?

  11. Amanda

    Wait, is that not a dude in a dress? That’s not sarcasm, that’s a serious question

  12. gooch

    Who’s the greasy chick on the right?

  13. “Another 50 bucks big boy, and you can sniff them as they emerge.”

  14. If you look at the front of this guy’s trousers, it appears his “self-esteem” is being elevated a bit.

  15. Voice of Reisling

    “She had to hold on tight to the portly man, lest she slide off of him to the cold, naked pavement below.”

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