1. cc

    Hmmm, very slender body, substantial rack….

  2. anonym

    Bitch has been divorced 4 times already.

    But still looks great for 60

  3. Short Round

    Based on the tits the performance must have been exceptional.

  4. kravdan

    Closer, I need some of your life force…

  5. Donald Sterling

    Wow, that was AFTER a nose job? The Joel is strong in this one.

  6. I’d go downeaster on Alexa and motorboat her river of dreams.

  7. “Tickle, Tickle!”

  8. Somebody’s surgeon just built a new swimming pool.

  9. Oh the captions are going to be cruel on this one.

  10. Josephus

    I saw this photo on Upworthy with the caption, “One is a mother, the other is her daughter. Their identities will shock you!”

  11. Body of Christine Brinkley, cursed with the face of Billy Joel.

    All the money in the world can’t fix that.

  12. Even her own mother insists on hugging her from behind.

  13. I’ll take the both of them. Alexa looks great. She’s got a pretty sweet body. Nothing can be said about Christie that hasn’t been said a million times. Gorgeous.

  14. Jman

    If you want to get to the mother you have to go through the daughter first. I think that’s a movie title.

  15. JungleRed

    A face only a mother could love?

  16. amanda

    Its amazing the fight Christie’s genes had to put up to prevent Alexa from looking like a Willis sister

  17. Christie Brinkley: Perfection. Nothing more needs to be said.
    Alexa Ray Joel: Great tits!

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