1. dick thunder brain doctor

    Wonder how much Woody Allen is paying Seal for the kid behind that curtain.

  2. Open air drug deals are a disaster waiting to happen.

  3. cc

    Holy shit, Seal is driving Woody Allen’s limo now?

  4. kravdan

    Here you go, thanks for carrying my’s bags.

  5. wrynoceros

    I’ll have your car round in 2 minutes Mr. Allen

  6. SpareClownParts

    I think Seal and Ray Liotta have the same dad

  7. “I loved you as Nick Fury. Here’s a twenty spot. It’s the black Benz E Class with the license plate ‘SGRTITS’”

  8. “Fine. I’ll sing ‘touched by a rose’ ONCE.”

  9. “WTF man, I’m not homeless…wait, $20? gimme that”

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