1. Just as long as she’s not singing on it.

  2. hamtime

    Dear God! Where does that microphone keep getting to?

  3. Remember back when we thought she was vapid and annoying….

    Now I sorta miss her compared to today’s crop of fake celebs.

  4. Crop dusting herpes is her favorite pastime…

  5. yourmom

    Music video? They’re still letting her do that??

  6. I totally would.

  7. Ronaldo

    at least she is wearing panties

  8. cc

    That being said if she made a comeback and pushed Kim K into obscurity I’d be pretty happy.

    Who the hell thought I’d ever say that?!

  9. Sure it isn’t a commercial about STDs?

  10. YadaYada

    Can’t deny the legs.

  11. ♪♫ The herpes, my friend, is blowing in the wind. The herpes is blowing in the wiiind. ♫♪

  12. The last video she was in that I cared about was shot in night vision mode.

  13. When did she start wearing underwear? I don’t even recognize her anymore! *runs out of the room crying*

  14. On a serious note, she looks great and I totally would.

  15. yayaya

    …But who in the hell is she making the video for?? She is surely financing the video for what business man in his right mind would think financing this thing would be a wise business move?? Fawk I thought she realized years ago that she couldn’t sing! WTF is up with this desperate for attention has been? She’s an old lady by Hollywood brat standards…Paris, please bow out gracefully…your making a fool of y9ourself at that age and your turning into a spinster right before our eyes!!! Can;t get or keep a man with all that cash?? Something is terribly wrong with you. Instead of making music videos she should be having her head fixed!

  16. Martina

    Okay guys, admit it: she’s right, she’s hot

  17. I think her herpes are leaking.

  18. Mama Pinkus

    she totally would not

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