1. hamtime

    It sees you and it smells your fear.

  2. Short Round

    Dis how old pretentious cunt who can’t accept she’s 60 does.

  3. kravdan

    Somebody found the blur setting in Photoshop I see…

  4. How many newborns have witnessed this before they were exsanguinated?
    Too many, my friends. Too many.

  5. jimbo

    better pictures of her on egotastic today

  6. “The son of Skywalker must not become a Jedi…”

  7. Is she auditioning for “The View”?

  8. Gaze into granny boobs and shutter in fright!

  9. Grandma, quit posting on my instagram account!

  10. This wants to look like the climax of Raiders of the Lost Ark, just as the pretty face from the Ark turns into a skull.

  11. Little Tongue

    Have Madge’s eyebrows become a trademark? Looks like it.

  12. spidey

    cradar high alert

  13. cc

    Is that this game where you try and navigate through narrower and narrower tubes and then at the end you get the shit scared out of you?

  14. Marketing Mike

    No, no, look away, look away, lookkkkkkk……..
    YES Mistress, I will obey the Dark Force.

  15. “FREEZE, LADY…now step back from the camera with your hands on top of your head…”

  16. She found an angle where she looks presentable. Just don’t pan out and show her crazy old lady arms.

  17. Bonky

    Dear Grandma: Please stop sending me your selfies. I don’t want to have
    to tell my mom and dad about this and get you in trouble.


    “Whoo! Look at me! I’m 20 years old! Look at my 20 year old tits! See, I’m still cool!”

    Lourdes: “Yes, Mommy Dearest….”

  19. Still focusing on the only reason anyone ever cared about her, decades later.

  20. Roger Danish

    Every guy on here would still bang her, just put her old videos on in the background. Holes is holes.

  21. Mama Pinkus

    put it away already

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