1. Dick Hell

    Yeah, thanks for the offer but I think I’d prefer to walk.

  2. FanGirl

    whoa her hands are bigger than my feet

  3. JC

    When the fire department realized the jaws of life were not available, they asked Serena to sit in the crushed back seat of the wrecked car and then stretch out.

  4. Anyone else expecting a giant kilbasa to become un-tucked?

  5. Pierce Bronzetan

    It’s like being at the beach and staring at a big dark tidal wave. The water has recessed… you know it’s coming… you know it’s probably going to kill you… but you keep… on… staring… watching it build… and build… and lift…

  6. shonzie

    whoa! she better be careful…her balls almost fell out of her dress.

  7. Hobo Wine

    In the immortal words of Sir Austin Powers… “That’s a MAN, man!”

  8. WTF did she drag her ass across the lines on the tennis court?

  9. it had to be said

    Mmmm. Ham. Wait, what?

  10. Cock Dr

    I’d stand the fuck back and give her room, because she looks greased up & ready to go.

  11. Deacon Jones

    (in black guy Jerky Boyz voice)

    “Get in here bitch. I’ll suck your cock, then u suck mine motherfucka”

  12. Deacon Jones

    Whatever man was able to

    1. Achieve an erection looking at this hairless Yeti, and

    2. Continue to insert his penis in and out of this man-beast to completion

    …should instantly be given his own fashion show on Bravo

  13. Angelique

    I think she looks great. She’s accomplished 1000 times more in her young life than the haters that have made stupid, ignorant and mean remarks about her.

    • Pepper's Pot

      we are not judging her as a person, im sure her personality is ravishing and i command her on her accomplishments. we are just simply stating the fact that SHE LOOKS LIKE A SCARY SCARY WILDER BEAST

    • tlmck

      if you were a man on steroids playing aginst women half your size, you would accomplish alot also.

  14. MarkM

    Mental note…”Remember not to let daughter become a tennis star.”

  15. Mike701

    Her cootch made her skirt curdle…eewwww!

  16. Black Carrot Top

  17. Mike Tyson is quite a joker.

  18. broduh jenner

    i never knew THIGHS could be ashy. i thought that was left to da KNEES.

  19. K-Tron

    30 seconds away from showing us her “tennis-ball trick”.

  20. Gin&Tonic

    why oh why are her thighs and ass cheeks gray?!

  21. Lindsay

    I feel so bad for all the cute Swedish girls she beats. They have no chance against this burly man-woman. How is that even fair? There should be like a weight limit of 250 which I’m thinking she passes.. easily.

  22. John Mayer's racist penis

    Can’t touch this.

  23. mulva

    Good lord! Her thighs are as big as Christian Okoye’s.

  24. Nikki

    That’s a helluva thigh

  25. FattyMcGee

    On an unrelated note, rumours of Michael Clarke Duncan being cast for the Broadway version of “To Wong Fu…” beganto circulate shortly after this pic hit the internets.

  26. Stupid

    I have big thighs & that is WAY bigger than mine.

  27. MILF

    That seat next to her has Hugh Grant’s name written all over it.

  28. Whitney’s still alive? Only thicker…..

  29. bigalkie

    She could advertise on that thing…

  30. This woman suffers from C.R.L.: Charging Rhino Legs

  31. gigi

    omg….. you just can’t unsee that can you…. no no nooooo…. :(

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