1. Dick Hell

    Is there a tablecloth or is this an open-air tug-job?

  2. DeucePickle

    “So, massages at Travolta’s house and then off to the WNBA game?”

  3. “Aren’t you glad I used the condom? I saved some for ya!”

  4. You gotta be on a whole new level of in the closet gay when the male prostitute you hired is ashamed to be seen with you…

  5. Pierce Bronzetan

    “I didn’t order any raisins in this.”
    [Giggles] “Just eat it!”
    “Seriously, what is that? It looks like there’s a peanut melted onto it.”
    “Just eat it!”
    “And what the hell is that black thing? Some kind of weed?”
    “Just eat it.”
    “It kinda looks like… a pube?”

  6. Cock Dr

    Methinks the “friend” is actually Joe Jonas’s dessert special.

  7. “Here, let me toss your salad.”

  8. Viewer

    This is the prettiest girlfriend Joe Jonas has had yet.

  9. Has two straws in his drink… what a cute couple they must be

  10. Zabou

    I think the title should say boyfriend

  11. tlmck

    I think this is Joe’s “special” friend. Just like the FBI has “special” agents.

  12. bigalkie

    Did someone order two Flaming Maux’s ?

  13. But you say he’s just a friend…

  14. gigi

    so…. um — is the overwhelming sentiment here that young Master Jonas LTC? is this what I’m picking up on?

  15. Michelle


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