1. YTBOY

    DAMN, This girl is a hottie!!

    • Laura

      Why are there new photos of Doutzen Kroes on this site everyday?

    • If you think this starving transexual is a “hottie”, just be honest with yourself and come out the closet already.

      • Biff

        You’re just jealous because you’re a 5 ton dike who’d never have a chance at this beautiful woman. Sucka.

      • If you think this shemale is beautiful you don’t want a chance with any woman.:) Stop kidding yourself and step out of that closet. Life’s too short.

      • Crispy Anus

        Muscle definition doesn’t make somebody a shemale. Stop picking up heifers at Wal-Mart. You might actually spring a natural boner.

      • Toned muscles by themselves don’t make a girl a shemale. What does are manly abs on a skeletal, shapeless body devoid of all curves. This is exactly why the homos around here like her in the first place.

      • tony is a fat ugly female

        Which one of your chins are you speaking now from, fugly whale? :)

    • Just saying

      You people saying she’s manly and anorexic are complete morons. 1. She’s not anorexic but fit, you don’t get abs like that being anorexic. It’s obvious she’s stays thin by working out. She’s not Kate Moss then. She’s right at the level of being perfectly fit and she will live longer than all you JEALOUS fat cows out there. lol 2. As for her abs being manly, umm, “manly”, have you loser/morons ever picked up a female fitness mag. She looks like one of them. She has ZERO PERCENT manly features. Men who have six packs have wider hips and etc. There abs do not look like hat. Her abs are hot tight feminine and I would blast my load all over them right after I diss you fat jealous chicks who are soooooo dumb. :)

      • That was waaay too long just to admit you’re attracted to shemales! Just saying.:)

        Her abs are manly, the rest of her is boyish. She looks like dogshit. You’re a queer in denial. Feel free to kill yourself.

      • Just Saying lol

        Wow, I guess that according to your logic most popular chicks are she-males. lol Just shut up before you put your foot in your mouth any further. On the contrary, I’ve dated top cheerleaders who have abs like hers.

        If you’re a man: You know, the popular chicks who didn’t give you the time of day and smirked at you for being a goof. lol If you’re a chick then you should discover a new invention: workouts and dieting. Wow, you fat chicks out there just are soooooo jealous. For all you guys who find this photo hot which is 100% of straight men, then check out these hot fitness babes

      • Shut up f@g:) You sound gay as hell:) Don’t try so hard dummy.

      • And I’m SURE your queer ass dated “top cheerleaders”:) Girls like that can’t get enough of guys who post on gossip sites on a Saturday night:)) Back in mommy’s basement skippy:)

      • YTBOY

        Tony its obvious, You’re a dick head!!!

      • Burt

        Explain why she has no muscle tone except for those “abs”. Nope, not working out. Liposuction, maybe?

  2. Pierce Bronzetan

    As a man, I am both humbled and totally turned on.

    • Anonymous

      Y R U humbled? She can stay hungry; I don’t give a damn.

      She can still suck my dick while I eat my sandwich and hers.

    • I can see the “humbled” part since this bitch looks more masculine than the average guy, but why the fuck would you be turned on by that unless you were a flaming queer in denial?

    • Burt

      As a man who works out regularly, I call BS. No muscle tone what-so-ever except for her stomach? Do skinny women get liposuction?

      • meowtrix

        Burt.. it looks to me like she’s in transition from lying down to sitting up. Her ab muscles are working and therefore flexed. I’m sure she has other muscles, they’re just not popping up because they’re not engaged.
        Also keep in mind… she no doubt has a personal trainer.

      • Burt

        Have you even looked at her arms and shoulders?

  3. Ruckus

    It would be like banging Thor.

    • It would be like banging Thor if he had anorexia.

      • Nina

        To be fair, she doesn’t look anorexic. She looks buff. I don’t get the attraction either though. I would expect a penis below those abs.

      • The only thing buff about her is the manly abs. The rest is all bones.

      • Mike Walker

        Toni thinks anyone below her weight of 225lbs is anorexic.

      • The problem with girls like this is not that they’re “under 225 lbs”. It’s that they have the bodies of malnourished transsexuals.

        But when you’re a closet queer it’s understandable why you’d tell yourself this grotesque creature is hot while anyone over 95 lbs is fat. That’s the only way you can pretend to be normal.

      • tony is a fat ugly female

        Tell your girlfriends from fat acceptance that they are all ugly mistakes of nature including yourself. With a little bit of luck, they’ll kill themselves and stop being an eyesore. :)

      • Face it kiddo…ALL women are eyesores for you and the pedo patrol.:) You’ve just learned to use “fat” as code to describe the ones who don’t look like your fantasy 8-year-old.

  4. oh yeah

    wow she looks amazing !

  5. Boo

    That’s Doutzen Kroes.

  6. Shred the abs, shed the hips. No thanks.

  7. I read the name, and despite knowing it has nothing to do with Lethal Weapon, I STILL hear the saxophone and guitar lick…

  8. I honestly don’t know on what fucking planet a thing that looks like this would be considered attractive! If this is hot every fucking heroin addict and meth-head should be a fitness model!

  9. Kat

    Agreed, Tony. Why is anorexia considered attractive? WHY? We humans aren’t even supposed to be conditioned this way in evolution, being that men are (evolutionarily speaking) supposed to be attracted to women with enough body fat to support life–their own and their potential offspring. The only conclusion that I can draw from this is that men who find this attractive are: 1.) In the closet or, 2.) ascribing values of the consumeristic magazines. Either way, this crack head starved freak is not heathy for anyone.

    • Tell me about it! I know maybe one dude in real life who finds crackheads like this attractive. Most of these internet trolls who jerk off to these trannies aren’t even attracted to women.

    • mulva

      This woman is thin and ripped, but she does NOT look anorexic.

      • Calling this starving skeletor “thin” is like calling Rosie O’Donnell curvy!

        She looks both boney and boyish. A closet queer’s wet dream.

      • mulva

        Have you ever actually SEEN someone who is anorexic? They are skeletal and nothing but skin and bones. I think the way she is sitting distorts the picture a bit, but her legs are not as skinny as they would be if she was anorexic. There is a difference between anorexic and thin.

      • Even if she’s not full-fledged anorexic, there is no question she’s waaay too thin and emaciated. She’s nowhere near a healthy weight. Those knees are sharp enough to stab people with!

      • Blech

        Your obsessive preoccupation with little boys is a little concerning. See also: fucking creepy.

      • You suck at reverse psychology.:) Anyone with eyes can see this chick looks like a hungry boy. What’s “creepy” is your obsession with women that look like that.

      • meowtrix

        So, Tony, you’re saying that closeted homosexuals beat off to non-curvacious women? That sure doesn’t make sense to me. Unless you know from experience?

    • Mushroom

      So because I’m naturally very thin, I’m ugly and any man who wants me must be gay?

      Gee thanks.

      • Women who are naturally thin don’t look skeletal like this creature. This girl is way below her natural weight. And she looks like shit because of it.

  10. Keith Chegwin

    now with 17 points of articulation and realistic gripping action!

  11. R.

    That’s actually Doutzen Kroes.

  12. Nikki

    As she gazed ABSABSABSentmindedly across the pool

  13. lori

    Scrawny and gross.

  14. Scott

    A woman should not have abs like this. Women should be soft and cuddly.

    • Careful! Those are fighting words around the pedo patrol:)

    • lily

      And all men should look like joe manganiello. But us women wont hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

    • Lily

      Soft, cuddly and overfed..there is no shortage of that type of woman in the western hemisphere. Bleck.. You only think it’s ideal because by the staggering number of overweight women, it’s the only type you can get.

      • If you can’t tell the difference between a soft, healthy woman and an “overfed” fat one, you’re either a chick with body image issues or a sexually confused guy who likes men but doesn’t know it yet.

      • Lily, I think you may be missing my point. If a woman is a bit heavier than she’s “supposed” to be, that’s fine because IMHO women’s bodies are meant to be softer and rounder so that they can create and sustain life. I never said anything about all women should be built like Bar Refaeli or someone of that caliber.

  15. Blech

    Tony is a dick.


  16. tlmck

    4 1/2 pack abs.

  17. lily

    Her abs are fantastic, esp considering she had a baby last year. She is so beautiful, but looks better a little heavier

    • Cher X

      Well put. Yes, she looks great and her abs are amazing but she would look better with a little more weight on her.

  18. Nik

    I don’t like women to be ripped. It’s disturbing and they arent all nice and soft to hold onto anymore. And her arms and knees and chest do like quite thin.

  19. I like how ripped she is. I appreciate a woman who keeps herself in shape. Looks good.

  20. ...

    She’s not “ripped,” she’s toned, and she’s in the middle of using her abs to lift herself up. If any of you fatasses had ever done a sit up before, you would know that’s what happens.

    • “Ripped”, “toned”, whatever you choose to call it, there’s nothing feminine about this girl’s body. Girls don’t need manly abs like that to be toned.

  21. Mama Pinkus

    six pack abs are much more attractive and impressive when six pack ribs are not visible

  22. hijkmno

    put down the donut and eat some grilled chicken…abs start in the kitchen.

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