1. yoop

    “Of course I have my camera with me!”

  2. Seal does camera store openings? Snap.

  3. Pine Table Fever

    Does this goon actually take any photos with his cornucopia of magical image boxes or does he just use then as an excuse to lash out at women?

  4. “Paula Deen said what?”

  5. cc

    Hmmm, somehow I am not sure opening a camera story should be part of anyone’s business plan right now.

  6. rican

    What a refined way to fart.

  7. So besides the shit on his face, why did she leave him?

  8. ruckus


  9. Your “Handi-Man” imitation is as neither appropriate nor timely.

  10. asdasda

    dont pop your pimples, kids.

  11. “Did you say Hedi is flirting with Howard Stern??”

  12. Derpity doooh!…

  13. “And fried shrimp. And broiled shrimp. And shrimp gumbo. And shrimp etouffĂ©. And Creole shrimp. And grilled shrimp. And shrimp scampi. And…”

  14. Swearin

    “I may walk funny, but you call that a shutter-step focusing iris? N*gga, please!”

  15. “I give this camera my Seal of approval.”

  16. “As graceful as they are underwater, Seals are awkward and ungainly on land.”

  17. cordell walker

    the fuck?

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