1. No, don’t smell it hear, man.

  2. So being a security guard for Douches involves smelling said hand/fingers after
    1. A piss
    2. A dump
    3. Sticking it up his Ass

  3. “So this finger was in Katy Perry’s ass?”
    “yeah, like six months ago”
    “don’t care…sniiiiiif”

  4. *sniff* It’s still got that Katy Perry smell, with a hint of *sniffs* Mila Kunis!? You dog!

  5. cc

    Now all he needs to do is go for a ride in an open wheel sportscar.

  6. Batu Khan

    You know you’re rich when you can hire someone to smell your finger.

  7. “Ya see, mate, I told you with a little practice you could learn to play me index finger!”

  8. “Out of the way, I’m prancing here!”

  9. Swearin

    “Bugger, I HATE it when my security guards blow a fuse. Oh well, back to the store with you we go!”

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