1. Wow, if this is what awaits Kim…. uhmm never mind.

  2. Seriously, Kevin. Shaving your head and dying your hair isn’t going to cover up that weight, son.

  3. Is she birthing Stewie Griffin?

  4. Amber! Head for the Yellow Submarine! There’s a big Blue Meanie RIGHT BEHIND YOU!

  5. Ironically, it’s the woman with the least embarrassing hair who doesn’t want her picture taken.

  6. Is it Hammertime again already?

  7. She’s got that “giant scrotum guy” disease. Also, she has a scrotum.

  8. Little Tongue

    Carrying your baby in your pants? Now, that’s sure to trend like wildfire.

  9. Cock Dr

    I hope this pantswear trend catches fire with the Kardashians.

  10. Why is Kelly Osbourne tagging along?

  11. blerg

    Marilyn Manson looks like shit these days!

  12. Time to change that diaper.

  13. So…a punk rock, edgy hari krishna that listens to new Miley Cyrus music?

  14. ruckus

    Pictured here doing to the walk of shame from Russell Brand’s house.

  15. asdasda

    that dumb bitch. her pants make me furious.

  16. Vlad

    Menstrual Pants. For that time of the month when your flow’s a little heavier than usual.

  17. Dick Richards

    hah ahha !! Finally letting white people turn them into clowns

  18. Walla walla wha?

    Pshaw, ’tis Sinead O’Connor of 1985 using her twee toim travel device, what was given her by the Queen of the Faeries.

    She does Mandinka, n’ shit.

  19. What the fuck is she wearing, a parachute?

  20. She looks like Grimace had gastric bypass surgery.

  21. Oh, just fuck off already.

  22. EricLR

    Too legit to quit…eating.

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