1. Yes, little one. That’s one of the only parts of your mommy we like.

  2. “No sweetie, mommy’s nipples are sore. Have some of this Parliament”

  3. Smart kid. He already knows her tits are the only worthwhile part of her.

  4. What good is a black baby if you cant get some PR out of them. (ok that came out wierd, but she’s a cunt so it stands in this case)

  5. cc

    What the hell, is this another one of those damn Cheerios commercials?!

    • Dr. JFever

      Nah, that was cute with an adorable little girl. This is January Jones with big boobs. And another kid of an actor who will be screwed up because ‘mommie’ is a total narcissistic cold bitch.

      • SMB

        …i’ll bet you’re one of those indignant types who makes the hostess announce “doctor” when calling your table at cheesecake factor, are’nt you?

  6. Poor kid had to put on a jacket to counteract the chill coming off of Heigl.

  7. Can you say rom-com attention whore?

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