1. shonzie

    Lol…I saw the pokies and automatically thought it was Jennifer Aniston and wondered why she looked different. Then I read the caption.

  2. boobman

    I thought the were Jennifer Aniston’s nipples…

  3. Is she a lifeguard now?

  4. Like others, my first thought was Jennifer Aniston was looking unusually flaccid.

  5. cc

    The helium shortage is really starting to hit home.

  6. caley

    Creepy pap in the background: “I wonder if I can entice her into my secret camera room back here!”

  7. Fraulein is always around balls.

  8. Jen’s nipples are like happy faces. They always make you smile.

  9. Omigod, for a split second I thought that was Tim Conway.

  10. Tillman

    Heidi Klum IS Jennifer Aniston in “The Jennifer Aniston Story”!
    Co-starring Johnny Depp as Brad Pitt, Jim Carrey as Vince Vaughn and Daniel Day-Lewis as Matt LeBlanc

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