1. “And THEN! hahaha..And then….he showed up hammered at a night club dressed as a Nazi!! Brilliant!”

  2. “I had Prince Philip cut the brake lines!”

  3. “Come on, Dover! Move your bloomin’ arse!”


  5. I am Australian and have seen pictures of this woman in the media for the last thirty six years and I can promise you I have NEVER seen her this happy.

  6. Pine Table Fever

    ‘…so he told me they were going to kill at least 40 of the blighters! I said, why not make it 60 – they’re only poor people!’

  7. cc

    ‘Haha, someone just threw a bridle on one of Fergie’s daughters! That’s brilliant!’

  8. Cock Dr

    HRH looks damned lively here.

  9. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Almost 16 full years after the event, it finally dawned on Lizzie that her minions had finally gotten rid of that awful Diana woman.

  10. North Windsor? Fuck, no!

  11. “HAHAHA, look at all the commoners down there in the sun!”

  12. “I love watching the horses prance!”
    “No your highness. That’s Sarah Jessica Parker trying to walk in high heels!”

  13. Look at that ruddy skin and those fucking teeth. Could that guy look any more British?

  14. “Good god, young man, you mean I have won two quid?”

  15. fap

    Queen: Sharpen my good teeth Jenkins, you know the rule…third time Sir Prancypants lost my damn race, TONIGHT WE SHALL EAT HIM! Nyah ah-ahhh! Nyaa nyaa nyaa!

    Jenkins: Hoff hoff hoff!

  16. “Release the hounds Smithers ! HAHA !!

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