1. Now this is woman that warrants the buzz around her.

  2. I hate to be “that guy”, but code requires a railing on that staircase to nowhere.

  3. cc

    Okay, someone else is going to say this so I’ll get it out of the way:

    ‘Look! It’s the stairway to heaven!’

  4. So lithe, so slender, so graceful…she could slide right through a soda straw and into my mouth.

  5. Maybe Bynes can donate her implants?

  6. See this is why you’re stupid for focusing so much on Upton and Kelly Brook, because thin girls are so much better.

  7. Seems like a natural pose. Just the other day, I was relaxing on the stairs at the Westfield the exact same way.

  8. “What slides down stairs
    Eats only air
    And makes a rattling sound?”

  9. Sheppy

    A baby came out of there. Who’d have thunk it?

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