1. “He’s separating and re-attaching his index finger? Oh, I can’t watch!”

  2. “You can bend your hands, but do you have…


  3. While magician Dynamo explains “the shocker”, Charles performs his favorite magic trick “where did daddy go”.

  4. A veritable galaxy of stars.

  5. CrashHell

    “I’m sure glad we took care of Sub Zero.”

    “Vaah, He vas a real pain in da neck.”

  6. cc

    Ack! That reminds me of the time a magician made Camila’s youth disappear.

  7. schadenfreude

    But you said you were just like Merlin! Damnit, I want to be King, just like Arthur!

  8. Yes mummy…make him stop, and I would like to go take my bath now.

  9. “Let me see…one…two…three…four…!!! What the fuck, I had five of these things just a minute ago.”

  10. “Excuse me while I whip this out!”

  11. I thought it said Kenny Loggins and Wilmer Valderrama at first and thought to myself “yeah, sounds about right.”

  12. Now you know why Charlie (Jughead) Windsor (nee Saxe-Coburg) always loses at hide and seek…..

  13. I’m not saying the Royal Family has ever engaged in inbreeding, I’m just pointing out that Prince Charles thinks you can’t see him if he covers his eyes.

  14. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I just REALLY LIKE Prince Charles!”

  15. Swearin

    “And so she was lying there, motionless. The ambulance was too far away, and I only had an elementary knowledge of cardio-vascular diagnostics. But I opened her chest, and carefully started to delicately separate the ventricles, until I found the primary. Then, I rubbed iit between my fingers a few times, then massaged her heart slowly until, thank God, her heart started again. The paramedics arrived in enough time to stop the bleeding and sew her chest back together, thus saving the Queen.”

    - The story the young man told as this picture was taken

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