1. $20 bucks says he cuts his dick off within the next 2 years.

  2. I'mCool


  3. If your dad is rich enough, why give a fuck amirite?

  4. Cock Dr

    Let’s leave that alone unless a twerking video pops up.

  5. Hey Earvin, the things you call shoes are untied.

  6. So many Cee Lo Green pics this week!

  7. You sure that’s not Cleveland Brown’s son?

  8. cc

    Rerun is a crossdresser? Wait’ll Fat Albert gets wind of this.

  9. stinkfinger

    Wonder if AIDs runs in the family?

  10. Gay? This guy? Seriously?

  11. schadenfreude

    OMG! Cee-Lo Green mugged Paula Deen!

  12. I don’t think he’s a celebrity. We all know Magic’s son is very very flamboyant. And it is what it is. Let him try to cash in on Dad’s fame, and I say mock away. Otherwise . . . just leave the dude be.

  13. I’m straight, but I’d dress like that too if my dad was mega rich. Fuck it.

  14. At least he already has tits.
    You’re halfway there, buddy.

  15. broduhjenner

    the III because he ate the first two.

  16. CK

    I thought Paula Deen was making another “confusing” apology.

  17. John Travolta

    What does he want us to think…that he uses the purse to carry tampons?

  18. I did not know there were Keenan Thompson impersonators.

  19. Luckily there will be no Earvin Johnson IV.

  20. Jenn

    That scarf and those shoes match perfectly. That’s awesome.

  21. Vlad

    Whoa-ho-ho-it’s Magic…

  22. Nell Carter has never looked better! Oh wait…

  23. Nancy Grace meets Tan Mom.

  24. cordell walker

    a son?

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