1. We would have to skin her to find anything she was born with…

  2. JP!

    Marie Antwatnette says:
    ‘Let ‘em eat biscuits & gravy, y’all!’

  3. Those are some nice fakers, Nicki. I’d already seen her nipple from her GMA performance and her ass from everything she’s ever worn. So I just need to see the vag and my Nicki Minaj Real Doll will be complete.

  4. YadaYada

    That would be a fun motorboat.

  5. caley

    That’s where Amanda Bynes’ implants went!

  6. rubbydubby

    Nice tits. They look meant for tit-f—ing.

  7. anonymous

    Should be covering her face in that photo instead of her tits.

  8. Rick

    Talk about anti-boner fuel.

  9. One good thing about this photo…TITS!

  10. Joe Blow


  11. ruckus

    Mrs. Havisham, 2 months in.

    • Ken

      “Come nearer. Let me look at you. Come close. Look at me. You aren’t afraid of a woman who has never seen the sun since before you were born? “

  12. KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!

  13. Rick

    “I have no talent, I’m not that attractive, let me show you my tits! Don’t you like me *now*??”

  14. Jenn

    Why in the high holy hell is she hiding her titties now? We’ve all seen them because she can’t buy clothes to reign them in properly.

  15. Sheppy

    You look at her neck, shoulders, arms… she looks quite skinny. Go past her waist and HOLY HELL WHAT’S GOING ON!?

  16. Porkpie

    Is that her real hair?

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