1. Crawl before you can walk. Right, Kim?

  2. I wonder how many ****s she’s already ******.

  3. One does not simply start with black rappers.

  4. Cock Dr

    To achieve mastery of any particular skill many people suscribe to the 10,000 hours of practice concept.
    It’s best to start young.

  5. cc

    Pretty modest ambitions, if you ask me. Then again she’s young.

  6. Schweddy Snatch

    Someone needs to tell Kendall that one does not actually blow during a blowjob.

  7. Odbarc

    Kendall Jenner discovered a way to cross parking lots without finding a 38th…

  8. Jayden must be jealous.

  9. “Lesson #1: Start by kissing the tip of the lollipop…”

  10. She’s just “practicing.”

  11. It’s like some people have never heard of the Internet. Let the Photoshopping begin.

  12. She teased the cherry ball on that lollipop until it turned blue.

  13. The lollilop: because dicks don’t have training wheels.

  14. yeezus H. the whore is strong in this one.

  15. This whole family has standing reservations in Malebolge. Can’t wait ’til they get there.

  16. Like anyone here wouldn’t be on the receiving side of that….ahem

  17. famesandwhich

    In evolutionary biology a species will sometimes mimic the appearance, and behaviour of another to ensure the success of one or both. Often happens with insects.

  18. Robb7

    Starter kit: blue ball on stick. Graduating to: big black stick with blue balls. She’s an A-student!

  19. Mike Tython's Butt

    It seems like every comment in here was written by the same person but then again maybe I’m just high as a giraffe’s vagina.

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