1. Those cops look like male strippers more than… Oh.. Never mind

  2. JimBB

    See, there *is* an upside to getting pulled over for driving while black.

  3. “Shit, I hope they don’t smell the weed”

  4. it’s always good to get a “before the beating” picture.

  5. “May I just say, I always loved you on Different Strokes!”

  6. He’s balancing on, like, four phone books for this picture.

  7. George P Burdell

    To save a few dollars, New York City institutes the “mug selfie”

  8. “Wait a sec, Kevin. Shouldn’t you put your shades on before you flash the Neuralizer?”

  9. “Sarge, the black guy tried to shoot us. It was us or him.”

  10. “Did you take the pic?”
    (whereas both cops whip out their billyclubs and commence the beating)…”DIDN’T (WHACK!) YOU (WHACK!) KNOW (WHACK!) COPS (WHACK!) DON’T (WHACK!) LIKE (WHACK!) YOU (WHACK!) TAKIN’ (WHACK!) THEIR (WHACK!) PICTURE?! (WHACK!)………..(WHACK!).

  11. Swearin

    “Ok guys, I’ll take this pic but you gotta arrest that cab driver that wouldn’t give me a ride.”

  12. Turn the phone on it’s side stupid!! I hate Steve jobs and his skinny pictures, good luck finding a frame asshats.

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