1. Cock Dr

    This is a terrible trend. Please, can’t we stop it?

  2. You did this J-Lo. You started the fire.

  3. Urgh… enough already.

  4. The “B” stands for Badonkadonk.

  5. God damn! She’s reaching Kim K levels. She may be tolerable if she isn’t a vapid whore. Hoping against hope here.

  6. Michael

    Yikes, I thought this was Kim Kar-krashian.

  7. Michael

    Ugh, it’s worse! She’s dating Fabolous. Is that why he’s not doing music lately, he’s stuck with this tank ass?

  8. Her spanx have spanx.

  9. Lea's Mom

    WTF? Where is my puke bucket? She is proud of that?! Get to a gym you nasty cow.

  10. Her farts set off car alarms!

  11. tlmck

    Why would anyone want to impersonate Khloe?

  12. Traffic is all fucked up because every black male driver just slowed to a crawl.

  13. Jack

    Who the fuck finds this hot?

  14. Seriously, when I was a kid, which wasn’t THAT long ago, freaks like this would have been ostracized and basically pummeled with empty chip bags and coke bottles. I have no idea when this sort of disgustingly unhealthy shit became OK. Can someone please tell me? This will always be revolting and something to laugh at in my world…

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