1. “What do you mean you don’t want to be Mr Pink?”

  2. JimBB

    Uh oh, he’s spotted one. Hillary’s Poon-tang Prevention Squad activate!

  3. Bill’s super horn-dog sense is telling him somewhere across town, Jessica Alba is cold…

  4. Always was and always will be…nothing more than a mouthbreather from Hope,

  5. “Now remember, If we meet some girls, I get the fat one!”

  6. “Ahh—I can see someone doing it in the 7th floor of that building up the street.”
    “That’s amazing, sir.”
    “Well, it’s my superpower, you know.”

  7. Former President Clinton is being protected by accountants?

  8. Icehawg

    “You sure guys? We could do it right here; just strip down and be nude. Nude, right here. Let’s do this!”

  9. fuckface

    “Is this how the Beatles did it? Those guys pulled some serious puntang.”

  10. Couple more of these cape cods and I’ll be ready to interview the new interns. Man, I love day drinking!

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