1. JimBB

    January Jones told me that the dumpster was right up here, but I sure don’t see it.

  2. Free the nipple!

  3. You’re doing god’s work, kid.

  4. I can’t make sense of what I’m seeing…it looks like she has one huge boob right in the middle of her chest

  5. Pregnancy has done her body good.

  6. When did she get those?

  7. She used to be Hollywood’s 2nd most boobless celebrity (1st Place goes to Jada Pinkett Smith).

  8. Mallissin

    What the hell is that white globe thing there next to the babies head? Wait…ooohh…WOOOOOW!

  9. Kid, you missed your shot at the big time. Don’t let me down the next time an opportunity presents itself.

  10. If I were to take them to the movies, do you think they’d share their Milk Duds with me?

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