1. Cock Dr

    Um….nice purse, please fasten properly so personal junk does not fall out. Looks like it’s too late for everything else.

  2. yourmom

    Weird shirts and bad angles?

  3. Dbag

    Oh dear sweet jesus. It’s worse than I thought. TAKE ME PARTY OF FIVE DVDs!!!

  4. Dbag


  5. God… this is getting sadder and sadder.

  6. Wow, she turned into a Deep South, Walmart, trailer park mom in no time.

  7. JimBB

    Seems like she’s been pregnant for several years now.

  8. She’s been dying to have an excuse to sport this look for years now. And I mean the look she’s been sporting for years now.

  9. Short Round

    Damn you Army Research! You keep creating monsters irresponsively then we have to call in the cavarly to clean your mess up. Somebody get Godzilla on the phone again. Maybe he can take on that shirt!

  10. Wow. THAT 15 minutes took a looooong time to end.

  11. She’s gonna be perma-pregnant for a long time to come.

  12. Are the Kardashians so powerful now that they can spontaneously emerge from boobs and butts, like agents in the Matrix, to try to get at those engagement rings in that purse?

  13. What’s that Kuato, you want me to open my mind?

  14. Judging by that weird bump on her right side, that baby is eager to get out.

  15. She looks like she needs more vitamin D.

  16. What the fuck is she carrying in there, a gawddamned buffalo?

  17. alexxx3488

    The Lena Dunham diet in full force.

  18. Nothing like going with out the bra on and letting the knobs sway under a ugly shirt.

  19. Jack

    Looking larger than life.

  20. Her head ain’t hooked on right. Actually, it looks like a dollar store Barbie, where the head is a weird rubber that just pops right off the neck.

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