1. When asked how many fucks are given about his music outside of Canada.

  2. Rob Brydon, “Where do you stand on Michael Buble?”

    Steve Coogan, “On his windpipe.”

  3. Hey Buble, how do you give two handjobs at the same time?

  4. Zero sex appeal. Fuck it, double zeroes.

  5. And in case anyone cares, it’s ALT+130 for the é in his name. But I know no one cares, so I’m wondering why I even bothered.

  6. Warming up for his weekend sex antics.

  7. Swearin

    Is this like the Canadian version of Fonzie?

  8. I’ll say this for the guy… his model wife is hot, and his ex-gf Emily Blunt is also hot. He’s gotten some serious pussy over the years.

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