1. JimBB

    And that anal rape scene, don’t get me started on the anal rape.

  2. “And then Sarah took Jimmy’s cock like this”

  3. The man’s having a stroke you cruel bastards!!!

  4. I’d smile too if I got to not only bang Kate Beckinsale but get her knocked up too. Lucky fucker. Bastard is so lucky I bet he got to bang Sarah Silverman too and she did not even talk during the whole thing.

  5. Short Round

    No time to talk, Sarah. But I’ll feel your breasts. Put her there!

  6. “Where are my grandchildren you ungrateful bitch!…Sorry, I thought you were my daughter.”

  7. Odbarc

    The thumbnail looks like he’s sucking a dick from a man in a blue dress.

  8. Michael Sheen has the most amazingly eclectic talling of any players I’ve ever known: Kate Beckinsale (knocked her up), Rachel McAdams, Carrie Keagan and now Sarah Silverman…

    I sincerely means this: good on him. Variety is the spice of life.

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