1. dontkillthemessenger


  2. Dbag

    This one has gone the way of the Khloe.

  3. No she’s in the “Happy Hams Club.”

  4. What the fuck happened to her in 1 week…

  5. George P Burdell

    Celebrity Death Match: Haylie vs Khloe

  6. Chaz

    DUFF…Dumb Ugly Fuck Friend. Every group has one.

  7. Lea's Mom

    Stand back! Those jeans are going to blow!

    She wants the ice cream! Throw down your ice cream and RUN! RUN FROM THE THIGHS!

  8. “I’ll just whip it out real quick and take a piss…shit, someone’s coming!”

  9. Jack

    Jesus, as big as Hilary is her sister is even bigger.
    Damn…those Duff women are beefy.

  10. So much for the “ugly one with the great body”. Unless we’re using “great” quantitatively, that is.

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