1. dontkillthemessenger

    You want me to sign your penis? Son, I’m afraid I’m going to need a bigger writing surface.

  2. JimBB

    Oh, yeah, like a give a flying shit about you and your STUPID FUCKING SCHOOL PROJECT. I tell you what. Take this book, shove it up ass, and tell your teacher that Hillary Clinton called that a performance art piece! A+!

  3. You prefer Kyle & Kendall’s book? Fuck you, sonny.

  4. Hi, can you make this out to Christopher Stevens?

  5. “Bill is your biological father?? This AGAIN??”

  6. “The Republicans are running who?” LOL!

  7. “Excuse me, Tucker Carlson keeps putting your books in the fiction section.”
    “Ah ha ha !”
    “Seriously… He works here now.”

  8. I looked at the photo and thought, “Gee, he really looks like that guy from Glee from the back. I wonder if I can make a joke about that?”

    And then I saw the caption. Never mind.

  9. donkeylicks


  10. PLEASE tell me this is her having a stroke! PLEASE!

    • Jack

      Since it’s highly probable she already has some brain damage from the last stroke your comment isn’t really funny.

  11. Schadenfreude

    “Kid, I don’t care if you are on Glee. I just dropped a monster deuce and it blew out of my ‘depends’!”

  12. Swearin

    “No! Tell Ryan Murphy he is not allowed to direct my biopic!”


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