1. neo

    Best dress tranny ever, work that tuck girlfriend

  2. Cock Dr

    Not bad!

  3. “Kim Kardashian, I challenge you to a round of ass-tennis.”
    “How do you play ass-tennis?”
    “It’s like tennis, only you don’t use a racquet.”
    “Okay, but only if we can make a sex tape afterwards.”

  4. According to my Unified Theory of Gluteus Criticalis, if she and Kim Kardashian come into contact, there should be a significant explosion…

  5. FartKnocker

    tracy morgan cleans up nice.

  6. ad nasuem

    Do you know what they say the difference is between a tennis mom and a grizzly bear? Lipstick!!

  7. Tracy Morgan looks great in drag!

  8. AleisterCrowley

    Dude looks like a Silverback Mountain Gorilla in drag.

  9. Totally

    No, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Murphy that is not your “date!’

  10. Oh yeah i’d lub me sum a dat! Oooooh bayyybeee grrrrrrrr………

  11. SteveG

    She looks more and more like Ernie Hudson.

  12. tlmck

    She is retiring from tennis to play linebacker for the 49ers.

  13. Colin

    Ready to try out for She-Hulk, i see.

  14. The Critical Crassness

    With a great deal of hard work and diligence, Serena Williams hopes to be ready to play at Wimbeldon in 2112! (No it isn’t a misprint, 2112is the year.)

  15. JPC

    Why do black people continue to pay Tyler Perry to dress up as an old black wom……nevermind

  16. Jack

    Tracy Morgan’s taking this whole “apologize to the gays” think a LITTLE too far.

  17. Steelerchick

    Isn’t that Wanda from “In Living Color”??

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