1. First the DUI, now he’s roughing up senior citizens for their sweaters. Is there nothing low enough for this guy to do?

  2. baron of all media

    Transformers was a good role for him. He’s transformed into an optical illusion. That’s a better role for him.

  3. TomFrank

    Yet another subscriber to “Ashton Kutcher’s Douchebag Quarterly.”

  4. kimmykimkim

    What the fuck is with the weather in L.A. lately? It’s fucking June and everybodys running around in scarves and sweaters. Seriously, ‘the fuck?

  5. Satan's bitch

    Who does he think he is, Leo DiCaprio??

  6. Jenny with a Y

    He’s carrying car keys. Everyone – this is not a drill; get off the roads!

  7. Mr. Rogers called. He wants his sweater back.

  8. He must choose his clothes for their texture.

  9. GuyLeDouche

    Somewhere a Norwegian grandfather is freezing to death.

  10. *Warning* Objects beside this mirror are douchier than they appear.

  11. The Critical Crassness

    Shia is looking good in the latest offerings from the “Jonas Brothers Collection”, found only at Walmart!

  12. whiskeyafternoon

    oh, thank god, I thought K-Fed had lost 100 pounds.

  13. Kitty

    That is one Sexy Sweater… MEOW!

  14. tlmck

    That outfit will stop those pesky gay rumors.

  15. ReadHead

    Friends don’t let friends dress drunk

  16. Codot

    How is it these stars can make millions, and still look like they just raided the Goodwill?

  17. Jack

    Cyclops is SO trying to get out from under Wolverine’s shadow with this new costume.

  18. Sadly, he is unaware that when he hits the unlock button on his key, his car will not turn into a skyscraper that talks.

  19. slein

    Vaguely reminiscent of the Dude’s sweater. Although it needs jellies and plaid shorts.

    I know it is a style thing but worn out knees seems hard to imagine for an actor. Maybe a struggling actress…

  20. $250 “distressed” jeans, $500 Movado watch, a $7 cinnamon dolce latte and a $3 sweater from The Salvation Army to make it look like he doesn’t care…yup, your typical douche.

  21. Steelerchick

    Be nicet. Grandma gave him that sweater for Xmas.

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