1. Tracey

    Yep, Persol is looking for good looking women who flip the bird.

  2. You have got to smell this. Annalynne McCord, right?

  3. Persol Magnificent Obsessions? Is that formally recognized by the DSM IV now?

  4. Jenny with a Y

    It looks like someone just asked her about her time on Degrassi!

  5. GuidotheRed

    “…or ‘Grimey,’ as she liked to be called.”

  6. The Critical Crassness

    “Want to smell my finger?”

  7. Brennan Haley

    The Invisible Man, getting a Rusty Trombone. Don’t think it’ll make THE AVENGERS cameo list.

  8. Anybody want this booger? I’m famous.

  9. Steelerchick

    I’m obsessed with giving you the finger!!

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