1. sexyman48

    Her kids are tough, they aren’t even affected by the wind tunnel.

  2. AleisterCrowley

    I hope she has enough compassion to have her kids home schooled. I wonder if either one of these gingers have been swirlied yet cuz it’s coming.

  3. Funky McMuntlestein

    Jeez, when did she become a burn victim?

  4. Bucky Barnes

    Another show-biz mom who took that “break a leg” adage a tad too far.

  5. TomFrank

    “STELLLLLLAA—oh, you’re right here.”

  6. This is a perfect picture for what parenthood is like.

  7. humpinfrog

    Who the fuck woke up to this and said, I want her to have my children? I mean, I could see the first one as an error in judgement, but two?

  8. Squishy

    The all look in bad shape!

  9. as her son broke his sister’s leg. he now demonstrates how he did it.

  10. bbiowa

    See what all that armpit sniffing will do? Told you. TOLD YOU.

  11. Ponkur

    Stop shoving your kids into traffic you crazy broad!

  12. The Critical Crassness

    Finding out Molly Shannon has kids is sort of like finding out Peter Pan is really an attorney from New York played by Robin Williams…..neither one should have bred!

  13. Raerae

    Khloe Kardashian must be near…Molly Shannon has that characteristic look of having just smelled sasquatch snatch blowing in the wind

  14. If my wife and kids looked like this, I’d keep the picture of the family that came in my new wallet.

  15. GuyLeDouche

    Why the Irish have never won Miss World.

  16. Mike Walker

    I’m 50! And I can kick… the shit out of my red haired stepchild!

  17. Jack

    They just heard how short Tom Cruise really is.

  18. Gummy Smile Squared

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