1. neo

    Patricia Arquette looks rather young

  2. Cock Dr

    There’s a pie in the bottom bag, and ice cream in the top bag.
    She is so set for Friday night.

  3. Is her bra on backwards?

  4. baron of all media

    My penis is looking at my 2007 sensibilities and saying “Dude. I told you.”

  5. AleisterCrowley

    Her face looks so different than it used to. I thought it was an Asian chick with blonde hair.

  6. Senor Trout

    Someone hasn’t missed a meal – or a Botox appointment – in quite awhile.

  7. Bucky Barnes

    If I was still in high school and that was a friend’s mom I’d think she was kind of hot.

  8. Jack

    That shade of red lipstick is so not right for–ah screw it. I wanna bang.

  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    This picture brought to you by Crayola.

  10. wrong distance, wrong end.. dayum

  11. hH

    seriously…. what is she doing to her face?!?! she looks 20 years older and well, just weird. :/

  12. hbw

    So she’s a two-bagger now? Seems about right.

  13. Jenny with a Y

    Semen must have a lot more calories than I thought.

  14. It’s like a horribly decaying muppet is offering me a sack lunch.

  15. bbiowa

    When did Melissa Gilbert go blonde?

  16. TurboZinger

    Somewhere, in a little kid’s bedroom, Mrs. Potato Head searches frantically for her mouth.

  17. TetterkeT

    Just from the thumbnail I thought this was Jenna Jameson.

  18. Jon H

    Looks a little like Alyssa Milano making a weird face.

  19. whiskeyafternoon

    I liked her better before the clown makeup, mango pants, and McDonalds.

  20. monkeyspank

    How considerate. She’s already offering the bag to put over her head while we bang.

  21. SIN

    are you positive this is Hillary Duff?

  22. JMS

    Somewhere there is a happy hockey player with a ruby red dick.

  23. GuyLeDouche

    Who do I have to blow to get food around here?


    Holy #$%! Laurie Elliott is looking good these days. (don’t google her, just trust me on this one..)

  25. WOW

    Starting botox a bit young, don’t ya think? Her brain is saying smile but only her lips haven’t totally shut down like the rest of her face has.

  26. Nice to see celebrities pick up their dog’s poop.

  27. Noel

    that’s not hillary duff, that’s kim basinger.

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