1. USDA Prime McBeef

    What’s up with these baby blue granny panties? I wanna see some black cheekies with a bit of lace trim.

  2. He got a boo boo on his thingie from that girl… Wait till he finds out it’s herpes…

  3. catapostrophe

    Dude is such a fucking badass!

  4. your mom

    Is that the world’s teeniest maple leaf tattooed on his pelvis?? Adorable!

  5. Johnny P!

    One day, the fashion fad of wearing your jeans halfway down your ass and showing off the top of your underwear will wear off, and we can all look back at pictures like this and laugh.
    Oh, wait…

  6. Bonky

    This proves Selena Gomez is a lesbian !

  7. bigalkie


  8. Heather

    why does he keep doing that? We got the Situation II on our hands. …

  9. That’s your name, isn’t it? Fruit of the Loom? It’s written all over your underwear. Oh, I guess they call you Fruit, huh?

  10. “We need to wipe off this Usher off your face before you go out there…”

  11. CK

    Nope, nothing gay about this.

  12. DirtyFighter

    Does he have tiny little baby tattoo on his stomach?

  13. jeffiner

    his belt is undone and the guy in front of him has tissue in his hands. DUH, people. he’s stuffing his underpants.

  14. popwilleatitself

    All of my straight female friends are more manly than this boy.

  15. [img][/img] says you’re a PUNK!

  16. Mickey01232000

    Morning TV Deuchebag.

  17. Nand

    Oh, looks like Usher was just there to collect … the debt.

  18. Swearin

    “Okay, I just need to blot the eyebrow, so make the “Hey girrrrl, whatcha doing?” face…no, I said Hey GIRL, put your damn shirt down!”

  19. cc

    What were you thinking, that’s a terrible shade of lipstick…let me wipe that off.

  20. Warren Piece

    He’s so rich he can’t tear his clothes off on stage without his entourage.

  21. “So, if i roll up the tissue this way, it will totally look like a penis. I promise.”

  22. “Today I’m wearing my “big boy” panties.”

  23. Joe_Schmoe

    Does “he” shave his forearms?

  24. Joe_Schmoe

    Wow, are those feminine lips.

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