1. guttboy


  2. Contusion

    On the set of “Growing up Douchey”

  3. BroDealer

    This fellow should start wearing a Bro. Looks to be about a 40C.

  4. Urvag

    Yup. This dude looks straight….

  5. jeffiner

    poor rob has the potential to be so hot, but just look at him.

  6. El Jefe

    Why can’t the military use him, Scott, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown for sniper target practice?

  7. Jersey Shore West… but without the acting talent.

  8. Swearin

    For being the weakest link in the chain, he’s pretty sure of himself in this pic.

  9. Coyote

    The Thought Bubble above his head says “I need me some Dick”

  10. cc

    Clear a path everyone…he’s got the bad-ass tattoo sleeve goin’ on.

  11. LadyLynna

    Oh hey, Chaz Bono.

  12. Kat

    Adam Sandler + a bag of used tampons = Rob Kardashian

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