1. JC

    It should say: Signing copies of “their” “book.” Please fix.

  2. Uggggh. I would rather read every single comment ever written on the Superficial forums then read this fucking shit. I’m sure it would light years wittier, funnier, more entertaining- and that’s including all the racist, gun-nut bullshit people post. Can’t believe people would pay for this.

  3. Ronaldo

    They wrote a book? LOL Yeah right.

  4. I wonder how many frames they went through before they found one where they were holding the book right side up.

  5. Ross


  6. This would depress me more, but I remember that Snookie is also a best selling authour. Any jackass can hire a ghost writer and take credit for their work.

    Btw, what the fuck is happening to the younger one’s face? She doesn’t even look like herself anymore.

  7. George P Burdell

    Does she color the first page for those foolish enough to buy her “book?”

  8. “Yes. We both wrote on this book.”

    “WROTE, silly!”


  9. JimBB

    Well, at least they’re not holding it upside-down this time.

  10. A picture is worth a 1000 STD prescriptions.

  11. Swearin

    If I buy this book, do I get a coupon for their services when they’re both 18?

  12. Michael

    I don’t think I’ll fuck with Kendall Jenner. That is a tall bitch.

  13. Is this the exact moment we knew society was finished?

  14. edvard Munch

    The girl on the right is hotter than the “model”.

  15. dick thunder brain doctor

    There is no chance these vacuous whores wrote anything that did not have “me” or “my” in the title. ” jizz” would also have been acceptable.

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