1. “And hi Nicole! And who are you supposed to be tonight?”

  2. Ronaldo

    Ah! its nice to see relatives.

  3. The Wicked Witch and the Ice Queen meet again.

  4. “It’s so good to see you dear.
    Ever since that time I made that potion to try to turn Tom straight, we’ve lost touch…
    We should hang out!”

  5. It’s like looking in mirror!

  6. CT

    Is he standing on a phone book? He’s never taller than she is!

  7. I actually think Lindsay looks good with black hair.

  8. brick

    ” So Keith, I didn’t realize you were a mortician now…..and apparently quite a skilled one at that!”

  9. JimBB

    Time to collect on our bargain, dearie….

  10. Voice of Reisling

    “…and your little dog too!”

  11. show of hands….who would rather bang the witch? That’s what I thought.

    Don’t do plastic surgery, kids.

  12. tlmck

    I see two witches and a hobbit.

  13. maria

    Glinda the Good witch meets the wicked witch again, but this time after her anorexia and plastic surgery addiction took a turn for the worst…while Toto looks on in the background

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