1. “They’re a very musical people, hey Mortimer?”

  2. “Do say, I thought you said there would be no “spear chucking” here today”

    “…Sir, I asked you not to use that term again, please sir!”

  3. Cock Dr

    It’s not all fun & games being a HRH, fun & games are only about 90% of the duties.

  4. “Good Gawd, man. Those are the ugliest women I’ve ever seen.”

  5. JimBB

    That’s not a dance group. It’s just some homeless guys from San Francisco.

  6. Blob

    “No no, it’s astonishingly true: the Queen never does and never *has*.”

  7. just say'n

    Leopard vest guy(?) looks like he’s wearing two of those toy license plates kids put on their bicycles.

  8. “Are you enjoying yourself your highness?”
    “No, but then again, I’ve never been a fan of hip hop.”

  9. Motorboat Captain

    “I say old bean, the problem with Africa is it’s full of bloody damned Africans, what what?”

  10. Vlad

    Charles suddenly has a flashback to his secret life as a Morris Dancer.

  11. That’s Magic Johnson’s son in the skirt.

  12. Looks like he caught a glimpse of what was under the skirt

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