1. wow

    can I get just 2 minutes with the boy?

  2. It had to be said

    Why post this? You know people are going to be assholes . . .

  3. Abby Normal

    woman in wheelchair: “Quién es este homosexuales?”

  4. Turd Ferguson


  5. cc

    I didn’t realize Goofy’s shoes were in this year.

  6. Daniella

    Ooh boy…

  7. Okay, I get that she’s his spotter, but doesn’t he know the guy behind him is just on a poster?

  8. Krieg

    She looks happy and healthy – Martin on the other hand needs euthanasia

  9. CaptainHowdy

    He looks like he just shit himself. Probably a reaction to touching a girl.

  10. sasquatch

    The bigger handicap in society today: Wheelchair ridden or gay?

  11. Jovy

    Gay or not I’ve always thought he was hot.

  12. Isomoss

    Whats the big deal thats always been his audience.

  13. Steelerchick

    Which one is handicapped???

  14. Big_Mike

    Wow, this poor kid got fucked from Make-a-Wish!

  15. kpatra

    this is actually a really cute picture.

  16. TyroneBiggums

    I said what what, in the butt………….I said what what, in the butt………….

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