1. Michelle

    Jebus she looks bad

  2. It had to be said

    Oh Jen, honey, the crossed leg thing doesn’t work if you have big-assed hips. It works if you have borderline hips.

  3. Hugh Gentry

    off to a grand opening of a Golden Corral…the stretchy pants are in her purse.

    • reformed_druid

      That ass isn’t food related, it’s just genetic. There is no diet in the world that will remove that thing.

  4. too

    Whatever. That chick is cute.

  5. eskwire

    Could she possibly hide her awesome breasts any more than she is??? COME ON ALREADY

  6. Mags

    She has gone to the dark side. By dark side i mean the side of Twilight. Notice the flaming red eyes? Yea, thats what we are looking for folks…

  7. Abby Normal

    I’ve concluded she wears these scarves to draw eyes away from her hips. A rhinestone encrusted innertube might work better, Jen.

  8. cc

    Which ancient tribe was it that carved women that were especially ample in the hips? Were they trying to tell us something?

  9. Snack pack

    The five head, the drab scarf, the beeping noise she makes when she backs up. . . remind what it was that caused her to just give up.

  10. You know, if I looked like she used to and I still got kicked to the curb by Malibu’s Most Wanted I’d probably give it up and start eating too.

  11. Nice clown pants.

  12. Dr. Doogie McStickit

    She’s pretty.

  13. Krieg

    Scarf covering tits…SCARF COVERING TITS!! Is it cold in Cali in June?

  14. Ponkur

    Can you believe she’s only 32?

  15. UnholyKrep

    Oh, she might wobble- but she won’t fall down.

  16. Brennan Haley

    I know what you hid from last summer.

  17. bethy

    Does this scarf make me look fat?

  18. tlmck

    I prefer to retain the image of her in “Heartbreakers”.

  19. Jovy

    She looks cute here.

  20. Haleyhales

    Question: Is Jennifer Love Hewitt turning into Jessica Simpson or is Jessica Simpson turning into Jennifer Love Hewitt?

  21. Hey Jen, how about next time you wear the big scarf, ok?

  22. Toxic Buddy

    It seems to be working, all they talk about now is the scarf around my neck, not my big fat ass.

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