1. Cock Dr

    Thought it was Bristol Palin. It was the thunder thighs & double chin that fooled me.

  2. Shorty80

    She looks like a composite of Snooki, JWoww and Deena. MTV is Dr. Skankenstein!

  3. It had to be said

    Meanwhile Dr. House behind her there is trying to figure out where all his money went . . .

  4. Garrett

    Who knew going to rehab would cause someone to look MORE like Snooki?

  5. Fletch

    Bad camera angles and weird shirts? This chick is actually kinda dumpy.

  6. cc

    Positively porcine.

  7. Joseph

    This girl needs to get back on drugs, ASAP!

  8. Elle

    Selena Gomes once the baby starts to grow.

  9. I’m pretty sure that it is time to change her name from Demi to Double.

  10. Do we need a poor man’s Lea Michele?

  11. PJ

    Whoa, for a second I thought it was Jessica Simpson as a brunette! Is Hollywood starting a new trend? Big and bloated?

  12. Dr. Doogie McStickit

    She’s pretty.

  13. bethy

    On her way to audition for “The Glee Project.”

  14. Sharon

    Now we can finally see what she really looks like. I mean, it’s like she took of the skinny suit. ” Voila, fooled u guys!” Better this instead of the skinny girl that dieted till she got cranky enough to beat up one of her backup dancers. “Gimme that burger bitch or you’re fired!” I bet no one will EVER try to keep food away from her again!

  15. GroverDill

    She’s obviously told him to start counting his change cuz she smells a vending machine.

  16. Jovy

    If this is the direction recovering from my eating disorder will take me, I’ll pass.

  17. cutthecrap

    Has Roseanne Barr had work done?

  18. Chip Whitley

    If you’ve ever wondered what Pocahontas might have looked like with access to fried foods then here you go.

  19. The product of a Jennifer Love Hewitt diet.

  20. The Most Interesting

    She keeps her pimphand strong.

  21. SIN

    Take a good, long look because she is about to fade away into obscurity.

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