1. MisterSuccint

    Yesterday’s dose of happy juice is wearing off.
    It’ll be back to the scowl tomorrow.

  2. Anon


  3. Richard McBeef

    cut her hair dude short and you couldn’t tell the difference between her and tom.

  4. maeby

    whoa. she looks really fucking stupid here. why is she walking like that?

  5. Jenny with a Y

    There are times in life when the only words are, “What the fuck?” This is one of those times.

  6. Tom had her brain scooped out on their wedding night. Since then, when you see her walking around “on her own” Tom’s sitting in her brain pan steering her. “Giant robot! Act!”

  7. ad nasuem

    Pippa Middleton Swag

  8. Raerae

    Looks like she’s got some Bethenny Frankel face going on

  9. lori

    That is just sad.

  10. Ponkur

    Tom: “Yeah, put the sunglasses on. Mmm yeah, awesome. Now say ‘You can be my wingman any time.’”
    Katie: “Err…. You can be my wingman any time.”
    Tom: “Nice, nice….hey, let’s go play some volleyball!”

  11. Sam

    Haters gonna hate!

  12. GroverDill

    Maybe she’s happy because if she’s good Tom just might let her have a sandwich.

  13. Brennan Haley

    All that money, and they still can’t afford food. Times is tough.

  14. Jovy

    Tom should seriously consider taking his car into the shop, looks like her alignment is off.

  15. TomFrank

    Katie Holmes seen here after her daily colonic.

  16. I think she’s melting.

  17. AnnaDraconida

    Wow, Tom got taller.

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